rory murphy



Rory Murphy (b. 1995) is an Irish composer from Co. Laois. He holds an MMus in Composition from Iceland University of the Arts (2023), studying under Einar Torfi Einarsson and Atli Ingólfsson, and a BA in Music from Trinity College Dublin (2018, First Class Honours), where he studied under Evangelia Rigaki and Nicholas Brown, and on graduation was awarded the Gerard Victory Composition Prize.

His music has a primary focus on experimental notation, exploring three-dimensionality and multi-sensory input, and recently these approaches have been rooted in traditional handcrafts such as textile embroidery and painting. Other focuses include aleatory, fragmentation, and developing interpretation in collaboration with performers.

He received an Agility Award from Arts Council Ireland for work involving a new system for the generation of hexadic harmonic structures (2023), and twice received grants from Tónskáldasjóður RÚV og STEFs (RÚV and STEF Composer's Fund, Iceland) for a composition-notation project using Andrew McPherson's Magnetic Resonator Piano (2023), and for the project Hilling, a notation-installation in textiles (2022).

His works have been performed by Caput Ensemble, Quatuor Flume, Ensemble Adapter with John McCowen, Messíana Kristinsdóttir, Edda Óskarsdóttir, and Sara Di Costanzo.