rory murphy


Keril Score Archive Catalogue

indeterminate / varied durations

fictional archive of 14 scores for septet

each has a museum-style label describing its provenance, category (unfinished, miniature, fragmentary, or atemporal), etc.

the focus is on fragmentation / unfinishedness in general, so many areas of the composition 'suffer' from these traits (e.g. the first page says there are 20 articles; it is implied 6 are missing).

masterclass performance by Caput Ensemble in 2022:
Guðni Franzson, conductor
Björg Brjánsdóttir, flute
Helga Björg Arnardóttir, clarinet
Öyvind Lapin Larsen, trumpet
Daníel Þorsteinsson, piano
Zbignyew Dubik, violin
Þórunn Ósk Marinósdóttir, viola
Bryndís Halla Gylfadóttir, cello