rory murphy



indeterminate duration

notation-installation in textiles for soloist

representation of the horizon as it is seen from Valhúsahæð on Seltjarnarnes, Reykjavík

mountains are divided between sections (textile hangings) and placed at distances from the player proportional to their real distances from Valhúsahæð

the performer considers four visual parameters of the score; the black contour line, the distance, the colour, and the texture. she pairs these as she wishes with the four musical parameters of pitch, intensity, timbre, and speed. no other temporal aspects (such as duration or rhythm) are inferred from the score

the Icelandic word hilling, usually in the plural hillingar, refers to the phenomenon of the ‘superior mirage’ whereby a distant object (such as a mountain) seems to float above the horizon, also known in Italian as Fata Morgana (referring to Morgan le Fay, whose magic was thought to create these illusions). in English, ‘hilling’ is a made-up verb meaning ‘to hill’!

performance by Sara Di Costanzo in 2022

this project was supported by Tónskáldasjóður RÚV og STEFs (RÚV and STEF Composer's Fund), Iceland